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Episode 108:

Episode 108: Mexican Championship week, cookies & lesbians

12.11.12 Still

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Episode 6:

11/27/12 : Mo-vember, “No!” to bad comedy, & Thanksgiving Highlights


On This episode Ryan & Benji cover the Mo-vember & prostate cancer, the bidet, Thanksgiving highlights, Dane Cook, local comedy chat, Charlie Ayers birthday show, Catching the Surfing bug, The Movie Soul Surfer, parenting tips, Local Drum Circle, Shrooms, Egyt & turmoil in the Gaza Strip (Jews VS Palestinians) and more.

Episode 5:

11/06/12 at Til-Two Kim Gordon Comedy Show:

On this Episode Ryan and Benji go to the Til-Two Club for the Kim Gordon Comedy night. As our guests we have Comednienns/Producer Kim Thompson, comedian Justin Gill, and open mic’er “cray” Nick.

WE talked about comedy the elections, Nick being crazy, the elections, other comics , the madhouse anniversary

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Episode 4:

 Flashes of Mediocrity Episode 4: Hanky Codes

On this FOM episode, Ryan and Benji talk about the 805 freeway, Danks Giving at The Yard Nov 9th, gay hanky sexual references/terminology, the Chargers, Comedy Shows, Benji’s trip to TJ, tot he masseuse, and to the House party last Saturday, and more.

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Episode #3: “Lot’s of Dick”


In this episode, we travel to The Comedy Palace, in San Diego, to interview some comics & participants in the Ultimat Comedy Contest.

WE have Luis Bernardo Sotelo, Michael Castleberry, and Dick Spenneberg.

WE discuss the contest, the perfect width, Castleberry’s arm, Dick’s time on Free FM, and more.

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Episode Two:

Live Podcast 2:  Debates, Emodicons & The Chagers’ loss.

with Ryan Taylor & Benji GarciaReyes





“we’re here to at least , not bore you.”

Episode One:

“Hello World!”



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