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The Post-Up Show Episode 4:

Jokes for Tots Comedy Benefit Show

W/ Guests Patrick DeGuire & Jose Barrientos

12.19.12 Still

The Post-Up Show Episode 3:

The Salty Open Mic

Comedy Show Nov.14th.

On the this episode of the Post-Up Show Hosted by Erik Cram & Benji GarciaReyes, they sit and chit chat with comedians Omar Moore, Bryan Lotz & Carlos Mendez.
They discuss Cram’s encounter with a heckler, what they learned, as well as some comedy anecdotes.


The Post-Up Show Episode 2:

Monday Night Funny

Comedy Show Nov.5th.

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On the this episode of the Post-Up Show Hosted by Carlos Mendez & Michael Avila Jr. They chat with Comedians Lauren Holiday, Josiah Black, MIchele Sada, Erik Cram, Benji GarciaReyes and headliner Steven Briggs

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The Post Up Show Episode 1:

Live from the Salty Frog 10/17/12


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in this Episode:

LIVE! From the Salty Frog: The Post up S1E1 show with by Benji GarciaReyes, Tommy Lucero, Luis Sotelo, Erik Cram, & Matt Cook. The Guys go over the shows & sets they just experienced. They also shoot the shit cause some of the are a little faded.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Live! From the Salty Frog Open Mic

Hosted by: TBA

Sign Ups 8 pm

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