Luis Bernardo Sotelo

Luis Bernardo Sotelo at The Comedy Palace on 1.27.13


He was born in San Diego CA, but raised in Arcelia Guerrero, Mexico, (His parents’ home town) until the age of 5. After which, he then returned to San Diego to attend school, where he would become one of the funniest and most creative kids in his class.

Later in life, after finishing his second deployment overseas, but first tour to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, he moved to Tucson AZ. There in the summer of 2009, Luis began doing stand-up, at Laffs Comedy Caffe. He was then, once again deployed to Afghanistan and upon his return in 2011, he moved back to San Diego, where he continued to pursue stand-up comedy around various clubs in the city, like The Madhouse Comedy Club, where he’s quickly growing in popularity and comically.

Aside from being a show Producer on “Up Comedy Shows” & with Up Tv Network, Luis is also a Musician. He plays the Bass and was the  Bassist for “The Highway Monsters”, “Dem Bones”, and the unofficial Bassist of the Punk Rock / Rockabilly, Surf band “Thunderbitch”, based in Mexico City. He’s also an  illustrator/Cartoonist and a novice Tattoo Artist.


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Luis Bernardo Sotelo at The Comedy Palace on 9.26.12

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