It’s the Month of Super Bowls & Love so Kiss Monday in the balls & laugh.

Join us February 3rd w an always evolving Monday Night Funny. Hosted by some paisa (Ben G), you’ll be sure to wonder wtf whilest you laugh & have a failry priced beverage.

Guests that rsvp get them name in to a raffel to win gift cards booze or cash!

Showtime 9:30 is Mexican Standard time (9:45 -ish)
This show’s head line is Dewey Bratcher, San Diego Comedy hero & US Navy Veteran.


From the very beginning Dewey has been the class or neighborhood funnyman. His sister would stop parties and put him on the spot saying, “Hey everyone Dewey is going to tell us some jokes” and he never disappointed. He even roasted his entre 8th grade class as a hint of what was to come .Performing in plays in elementary and middle schools led him to audition and be accepted into the Baltimore School for the Arts where he studied theater and once more roasted another class this time his freshman class. Though he loved the structure of acting for the stage the comedy bug was deep within him and upon graduating he spent two summers cutting his teeth at the then Water St. Exchange in Baltimore

Fast forward to 2011 and the recently retired Chief from the US Navy decided once more it was time to give in to the call of the microphone. Since returning to stand up in April 2011 Dewey has performed at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, the La Jolla Comedy Store, The Comedy Palace, MadHouse Comedy Club, American Comedy Co, Sardo’s in Burbank, and was winner of Ocean Beach’s Funniest Person contest. His production team, Crew II, holds shows at The American Comedy Co. where they pair the best of the San Diego comedy with fresh faces from Los Angelas. His takes on marriage, race, and relationships are hilarious and fresh. Still learning the game he’s sure to go far. How far? Ask the Chief!


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